What is Shoulder Dislocation?

What is Shoulder Dislocation

What is Shoulder Dislocation: Joint problems are very common in the present time and most people report them. Some joint conditions are serious and some are mild. Accordingly, a person needs to reach out to the doctor for treatment. In this article we are discussing one such condition known as “shoulder dislocation”.

This is a condition in which a joint is replaced from its original location. To sort that out, it is important to reach out to the right doctor for the same. Well, if you are dealing with a shoulder dislocation problem and are looking for the best shoulder replacement surgeon in Jaipur, then approach Dr. Arun Partani in Jaipur. You can meet him at Partani Clinic and get the treatment.

Now that you are aware of the doctor, let’s discuss the shoulder dislocation condition in detail for better understanding.

What is Shoulder Dislocation?

Shoulder dislocation is the condition in which the upper arm bone comes out of the shoulder socket due to a fall or shock. Due to a fall or shock, a person experiences serious pain and finding engagement in things seems to be very difficult. The socket joint appears like a cup and is part of the shoulder blade. The shoulder joint is among the most mobile joints in the human body as compared to other ones. Due to shoulder dislocation, a person is not able to rotate the upper arm in any direction.

Additionally, the shoulder joint is at a higher risk of slipping from its place, which is again a cause of concern for most people. It takes a few weeks for a person to recover from the condition. When the shoulder joint gets into the socket correctly, they will be able to continue with their regular activities without any problem.

But after encountering this problem once, a person needs to be sure about the movements and activities in which they are engaged. This is important because this joint becomes more susceptible to the same. In most cases, this problem persists for a longer duration and causes the problem of instability and weakness in the shoulder.

How common is Shoulder Dislocation?

Shoulder dislocation is a common problem and can happen due to a blow or fall on any person. It can be mild or severe, according to the condition a person has experienced. But it is important for them to reach out to the doctor to get the treatment because ignoring it can lead to other problems.

Symptoms of Shoulder Dislocation:

The following are the symptoms of shoulder dislocation that let an individual understand the need to reach out to the doctor:

Constant pain:

A person experiences constant pain when the shoulder slips or slides. The humerus comes out of the socket under pressure, and the cartilage muscles and other tissues get stretched and break.

Restricted mobility:

A person is not able to easily move their arm in any direction. There is stiffness in the muscles around the shoulder, and whenever it happens, the condition turns out to be really very painful.

Unable to support weight:

For a while, a person will not be able to bear any weight on their shoulders at all. They start complaining of constant pain, and sometimes they cry out of pain.

Unable to sleep soundly:

After having the shoulder dislocated, a person will not be able to sleep peacefully on the same shoulder side. Whenever they try to lie down on the same side, they experience different conditions.

Causes of Shoulder Dislocation:

Exploring the causes of shoulder dislocation, there are many related to it. As you all know, the shoulder joint moves in many directions and if it descends, forward, backward, or downward completely or partially, this condition may take place.

  • In most cases, it happens due to strong pressure, such as a sudden blow to the shoulder that is responsible for causing dislocation.
  • When it is rotated with the extremity, the shoulder joint gets removed from the socket and dislocation happens.
  • Along with that, some other conditions that can lead to shoulder dislocation include:
  • Trauma not related to sports
  • Falling from stairs
  • Engaging in extensive physical activities
  • Putting extreme pressure on the shoulder joint by engaging in unnecessary activities

Before engaging in other activities, it is best if people are confident in their abilities. For example, if after reaching old age they continue to be part of strenuous activities, it will ultimately lead to joint dislocation and cause problems.

Risk factors for Shoulder Dislocation:

The following risks are with shoulder dislocation:

  • Men who start engaging in physical activities after the age of 20 are at the highest risk of shoulder dislocation.
  • Breakdown of muscles, ligaments, and stiffness increases the risk of shoulder dislocation in this location.
  • Shoulder dislocation may also happen due to different shoulder problems.

Diagnosis of Shoulder Dislocation:

The diagnosis of shoulder dislocation doctors do by physical examination and x-ray. These two tests are helpful for doctors to know whether the shoulder is in the right position or not. Physical symptoms that account for swelling and deformity the orthopaedic doctor you approach should have experience in analyzing the symptoms related to such a condition.

Along with that, the X-ray is under consideration to check whether the bones are right or not. If there is any broken bone, the X-ray helps doctors locate it.

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Treatment for Shoulder Dislocation

Treatment for shoulder dislocation depends on the extent to which a person has experienced the damage. In general, doctors suggest patients rest for a while and go for physiotherapy.

During the recovery period, doctors suggest patients go for some relaxing medication that provides relief to the muscles.

If the condition is not curable with rest and physiotherapy, the doctor may suggest the patient go for surgery. It is advised when the ligament is weak and the chances of a recurrence of the problem are very high.

The following are the things related to dislocation: It is advisable to reach out to the doctor and get the treatment on time. There are some home remedies as well, like managing things with patience and resting. But make sure you adapt to these home remedies along with medical treatment from the doctor only. As we have discussed with Dr. Arun Partani in Jaipur, you can approach him and get the treatment.

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When to see a doctor?

If a person is unable to rotate the joint when the shoulder slips in such a situation, they need to reach the doctor and get it diagnosis. If they are considering forceful movements it can lead to damage to the shoulder joint and surrounding nerves, blood vessels and muscles.

Patients’ need to be sure that they let the doctor know about everything they have done after experiencing such a condition so that the doctor can move ahead with the right diagnosing technique and analyze the shoulder joint.