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Knee arthroscopy is a surgical method that can diagnose and treat problems in the knee joint. During this technique, your specialist surgeon will make a tiny entry point and insert a little camera — called an arthroscope — into your knee. This allows them to see the joint on a screen. The specialist surgeon would then be able to find an issue with the knee and, if important or necessary, correct the issue utilizing little instruments inside the arthroscope.

Get the long lasting relief from your knee joint pain.

  • Less tissue damage.
  • Less bleeding
  • A faster healing time.
  • Fewer stitches.
  • Less pain after the procedure.
  • Quick recovery.
  • Lower risk of infection, because smaller incisions are made.
Knee Arthroscopy surgeon in Jaipur
Dr. Arun Partani– Additional Director in Joint Replacement Surgeon

MS, DNB, FJRS, FAA (Germany), OLC (Hongkong)

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Uses and Benefits of Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is less invasive than open forms of medical surgery. A specialist surgeon can diagnose issues and operate using a tiny tool, an arthroscope, which they go through an incision point in the skin.

Knee arthroscopy surgery might be useful in diagnosing a range of issues, including: 

  • Persistent joint pain and stiffness.
  • Damaged cartilage.
  • Floating fragments of bone or cartilage.
  • A buildup of fluid, which must be drained.

However, arthroscopy may not be for everybody. There is little evidence that people with degenerative illnesses or osteoarthritis can benefit from knee arthroscopy.

Benefits of Knee Arthroscopy Surgery.

We provide the best and effective knee arthroscopy surgery in Jaipur with good results.

less pain and stichless

Less tissue damage.

With Knee arthroscopy surgery you have to very less tissues damage and get the best and effective recovery after the procedure.

better results

Less bleeding.

During knee arthroscopy surgery the procedure has very less bleeding and the risk of infection is very low.

Fewer stitches.

Fewer stitches.

After successfully doing knee arthroscopy surgery we have fewer stitches on the knee so they look very normal after surgery.

minimal care after surgery

Less pain after the procedure.

In the knee arthroscopy surgery there is very less pain after the procedure so the patient can easily manage.

fast walking

Quick recovery.

After he completes the knee arthroscopy surgery there is a very fast recovery process and patients walk after some time easily.

A lower risk of infection.

A lower risk of infection.

With small incisions and cuts in this process so the infection ratio is also low in this surgery, reduce the chances of infections.

Knee arthroscopy might be a proper alternative for you given your age, clinical or medical history, and current health status. Always make sure to consult with your doctor or surgeon about the possible risks and benefits of undergoing knee arthroscopic surgery. Your surgeon will be able to guide you in the right direction if surgery may be necessary or if conservative measures can effectively manage your symptoms.

Dr. Arun Partani- Orthopedic

MS, DNB, FJRS, FAA (Germany), OLC (Hongkong)

Additional Director in Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Jaipur

  • On-field Surgeon for IPL 2013, Jaipur
  • 1st Indian AGA Fellow Germany
  • Treated National/International Players
  • Awarded Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Rajasthan -2016
  • Awarded Best Knee Replacement Surgeon 2017


    What Happens During a Knee Arthroscopy?
    What Happens During a Knee Arthroscopy?

    Your surgeon will give you a sedative or anesthesia before your knee arthroscopy. This might be:

    • local (numbs your knee only)
    • regional (numbs you from the waist down)
    • general (puts you completely to sleep)

    In case you’re alert, you might have the option to watch the procedure on a screen.

    The specialist surgeon will start by making a couple of little incisions, or cuts, in your knee. Clean saltwater, or saline, makes it simpler for the specialist surgeon to see inside the joint. The arthroscope enters one of the cuts and the specialist will look around in your joint utilizing the connected camera. The specialist surgeon can see the pictures created by the camera on the screen in the operating room. 

    At the point when the specialist finds the issue in your knee, they may then embed little devices into the cuts to correct the issue. After the surgery, the specialist drains the saline out of your joint and closes your cuts with stitches.

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