Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Jaipur

Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Jaipur

Frozen shoulder is a disease in which there is stiffness and pain in our shoulder. Due to this, the rotation of the hand from here on the shoulder is very less or if the problem is too much, then it stops completely. Or even the slightest movement, it becomes very sharp and it hurts. This condition is called frozen shoulder. looking for the Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Jaipur, consult Dr. Arun Partani at Partani Clinic, Jaipur.

Due to this disease, it becomes very difficult to move or move the bones of the shoulder. In medical language, this disease is known as Adhesive Capsulitis. There are joints in every person’s body, outside of which is a capsule.

When a person has a problem with a frozen shoulder, then these capsules of that person become stiff or hard. In this disease, this pain starts slowly and suddenly and then jams the entire shoulder. This pain occurs sometimes and also suddenly.

Many times it happens that a person is driving a car and he wants to move around to pick up some luggage from the seat next to or behind him but is not able to do so then that person gets shoulder pain which we call frozen shoulder. know by name. Many times it happens that any pain in the neck is taken as a frozen solder, whereas it is not.

This pain usually occurs when there is a problem of swelling in the joints around the shoulder. Every person’s shoulder is made up of three bones. These three bones fit into a round socket known as a socket glenoid.

Frozen Shoulder Causes

  • Injury: When a person has a shoulder injury, then that person can often have this problem. When a person has a problem in the shoulder, to get rid of it, the person undergoes shoulder surgery, even then the person gets this disease.
  • From diseases: People who suffer from the problem of sudden increase or decrease in the level of diabetes, problems related to heart diseases and Parkinson’s, etc., have a very high risk of getting this disease.
  • From Cervical: When a person has a problem with the cervical disc, then that person gets neck pain because it affects the spinal cord a lot, due to which the person also starts having neck pain.

Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

frozen shouder symptoms
  • Difficulty in moving: When a person feels pain or stiffness in the shoulder joint, then that person has trouble in moving his shoulder, due to which the person’s joints are stressed, due to which he has to strain his joints. It is very difficult to move.
  • Increase in pain at night: When a person starts having pain or swelling in the shoulder joint, many times it happens that the person falls asleep with all his strength on the shoulder which is affected, due to which the person sleeps at night. At that time, this pain gets worse.
  • Problems in lifting things: When a person lifts very heavy items, it affects his joints, due to which his joints become swollen. Due to swelling, he starts feeling pain in his joints.

Prevention of Frozen Shoulder

  • The patient should exercise regularly every day so that he does not have this problem again and again.
  • Take a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • The patient should compress with an ice pack and take a rest.
  • Refrain from lifting external weights.
  • Do not allow the patient to smoke as it may aggravate it.

Frozen Shoulder Test

Frozen Shoulder is a condition that is usually diagnosed by looking at its symptoms. Usually, when a frozen shoulder patient goes to the doctor, the doctor first looks at the position of the shoulder and the joint range of motion. Under this, the patient is first asked to raise the hand upwards or backward. This is done to see what the range of motion is. Apart from this, the doctor himself can also see the patient by turning his hand.

Usually, this is the only way to test for a frozen shoulder. If the problem is too much, then the doctor may ask some patients to get X-rays done. Apart from this, if the doctor suspects that there may be a problem other than a frozen shoulder, then the patient can also be asked to get an MRI done. However, in the case of frozen shoulder usually m.r.i. There is no need to get it done. And after some time the patient’s condition starts getting better.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

The main objective of the treatment of frozen shoulder is to provide relief from pain to the patient and to teach the range of motion of the patient’s shoulders. If a patient has a frozen shoulder in its initial stage, then he is given some pain relievers i.e. pain killer drugs.

It proves beneficial only in those patients who only complain of pain. If these measures do not provide relief, the patient is referred to the physiotherapy department. Physiotherapy is considered to be the best treatment for frozen solder. Physiotherapy is also the first choice of treatment for the treatment of the frozen shoulder. Therefore, if someone is having pain in the shoulder, then he should first go to a Physiotherapist.

Why Choose Dr. Arun Partani

  • Dr. Arun Partani is one of the highly experienced orthopedic doctor in Jaipur, he has successfully treated more than thousands of frozen shoulder treatment in Jaipur.
  • He will help you to get rid of the problem you are facing. Also, in his career till yet, he has done almost 1000+ surgeries, and all of them are successful. Also, the best part about approaching Partani Clinic is, they are available with all the necessary equipment.
  • Whether you are looking forward to knowing how to resolve the issue or whether you have any queries considering shoulder-related issues, he will be going to resolve every query you are having.
  • Do not allow the patient to smoke as it may aggravate it.

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