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Best recovery after knee replacement surgery.

Happy Patient Feedback After Knee Replacement Surgery By Dr. Arun Partani

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Happy Patient Feedback after Both Knee Replacement Surgery.

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Happy Patient Feedback after Knee Replacement Surgery.

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Happy Patient feedback after Knee Replacement Surgery.

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Patient feedback after both Knee Replacement Surgery By Dr. Arun Partani

Knee replacement surgery by Dr. Arun Partani.

Happy Patient Feedback after Knee Replacement.

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Gani Lal : Both Knee replacement

Mrs. Uma Devi : Left Knee replacement

Gokul Chand : Both Leg ACL

Sheila Devi: 1 year post op B/L TKR

Bal Singh: 2 weeks Post OP B/L TKR

Bal Singh : Full Bending & Function in B/L TKR

Usha Yadav: 4th Day Post OP B/L TKR

Ghanni Devi : 7 Months Post OP B/L TKR

Ghanni devi : 1st Post OP Day B/L TKR

Pushpaa Devi : 1 year Post OP B/L TKR with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Geeta Devi Natani : 1.5 months F/C/O B/L TKR

Pawan Saraogi : Complete Recovery Video of TKR

Munni Devi : 12 Hour Post OP B/L TKR

Bhagwati Devi : 3 Months F/C/O B/L TKR

Gayatri Devi : 4 months Post Joint Replacement Surgery

Arayn Arya : 2 Months Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation

Arayn Arya: 2 Months F/C/O Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation

जयपुर शिरोमणि अवॉर्ड | मुंबई

Om Prakash : Both side Hip Replacement

Nand Kishore : Right Knee replacement