Hip Replacement

Hip replacement

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common types of surgery suggested to patients having a problem in hips. Usually, the problem in hips arises at the age of 60 and 80. But sometimes due to some unwanted injuries, the problem may arise.

Hip replacement is a surgical process where a prosthetic implant is placed at the hip joint. The implant is known as a hip prosthesis.

Usually, total hip replacement or half hip (hemiarthroplasty) are suggested by the hip replacement surgeons. Both of the surgeries are conducted to let the patient relieve the Arthritis pain and in case of hip fractures as well.

Total hip replacement surgery

In total hip replacement surgery, both of the acetabula are replaced along with the femoral head.

Half hip replacement surgery (hemiarthroplasty)

In hemiarthroplasty, only the femoral head is replaced.

When to go for hip replacement surgery?

Particular symptoms are there that will let a person understand that they need Hip joint replacement surgery.

Some of the symptoms are:-

  • Constant pain in the hip area
  • A person is not able to walk properly
  • Any injury which may happen earlier
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Stiffness in the hip area
  • A person is not able to sit for a longer duration
  • Ignoring regular activities like exercises and so on because of hip pain

Whom to approach for hip replacement surgery?

If you are having any confusion about whom you can approach for hip replacement surgery, then Dr. Arun Partani (Orthopaedic specialist) is the right one to approach. He will let a patient understand about the treatment and medications so that they can get recovered from the problem as soon as possible.

Also, if you went under Hip replacement surgery in Jaipur earlier and still pain is there, then also you can meet him for the second opinion. He will suggest the best treatment so that you can easily get rid of the problem you are facing.

Precautions to consider:

After the completion of hip replacement surgery, a person must take every particular precaution.

The precautions include:-

  • Always choose an upright back chair to sit in a firm position
  • In the bathroom, use tilted seat
  • Avoid using stairs for few days in starting
  • Do not be the part of heavy exercises
  • Avoid bending in the 90° position
  • Ignore  exercises which require a lot of strength
  • Sitting for a longer duration is harmful


After hip joint replacement surgery, it is a must to know about recovery. Things to know about it includes:-

  • Recovery usually takes 3-4 weeks
  • Regular exercise is a must to choose during recovery.
  • It is a must to avoid heavy exercise.
  • If a patient is not taking precautions, then they have to face bad consequences.
  • In case you are feeling constant pain, approach to the doctor immediately. Doctors will suggest particular medication so that you will be able to get rid of the problem easily.

Hip joint replacement cost:

Hip joint replacement surgery costs also depend on the procedure and condition of a person. The procedure followed is quite long, and the damage is severe than it might cost a bit high. At Partani Clinic, the cost is fixed for hip replacement surgery.  Along with the cost, some additional charges are there.

These are:-

  • Cost of staying at the hospital
  • Post-surgery Medications
  • Post-surgery checkup
  • Transportation
  • Charges of physiotherapist

About Partani Clinic:

For all the patients out there, who are facing joint problems and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, Partani Clinic is best to approach. Here Dr. Arun Partani is available and will help them to understand about the treatment easily.

The main reason to visit the Partani clinic is the experience in Hip Joint surgery. Dr. Arun partani experience will definitely be going to work in favour of a patient and they will be able to get rid of the problem easily.

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