PCL Tear surgery in Jaipur

PCL Tear Surgery in Jaipur

The bones of the knee are connected to each other through ligaments. If for some reason any one of these ligaments is damaged, you will have pain, swelling, and difficulty in walking. One of these ligaments is the posterior cruciate ligament. Posterior cruciate ligament injury, ie, what happens when it hurts and how it can be treated. Sp looking for PCL Tear Surgery in Jaipur? book an appointment with Dr. Arun Partani at Partani Clinic, Jaipur.

What is a Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury?

The posterior cruciate ligament is located at the back of the knee and connects your shinbone and thighbone. This helps in curbing the shinbone very backward, which makes it flexible. Ligaments act like a rope. There are a total of 4 ligaments in your knee, so it keeps the bones of the knee together. Posterior cruciate ligament injury occurs when the knee is hit too hard or puts too much pressure on it in an accident.

The posterior cruciate ligament is stronger than the anterior cruciate ligament and is less prone to injury. But if you ever fall on your knees or put more pressure on the feet in an accident, then the risk of posterior cruciate ligament injury increases.

What Causes Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury?

Injuries to the knee joint can result in damage to the posterior cruciate ligament, or injury to the posterior cruciate ligament, as well as damage to other ligaments if the knee is overstretched or strained during a sport. Causes of injury include:

1. Car Accident- If you bend your knees during an accident and you forcefully push forward towards the dashboard, your shin bones are pushed inwards which can lead to posterior cruciate ligament injury.

2. Contact Sports ActivitiesThis posterior cruciate ligament injury can occur when you fall on your knees after playing athletic sports such as football or soccer. In this situation, the shinbone hits the ground below and slips back. Posterior cruciate ligament injury can also occur when the knee is flexed.

What are the symptoms of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury?

PCL Tear surgery in Jaipur

Symptoms of a posterior cruciate ligament injury can range from mild to severe, depending on the depth of the injury. If there is a mild sprain in the ligament, there are no symptoms. But the common symptoms are seen when it is partially or completely broken include-

  • Knee tenderness (especially in the back)
  • The Knee joint instability
  • Knee swelling within hours of injury
  • Hardening of joints
  • Difficulty walking due to pain and swelling

If the injury is only to the posterior cruciate ligament and there is no injury to other parts of the knee, you may not show any symptoms of a posterior cruciate ligament injury, but the condition will worsen over time. Along with the pain, you will feel instability in the knee or you will not be able to keep it stable.

Diagnosis of a posterior cruciate ligament injury?

To diagnose a posterior cruciate ligament injury, the doctor will first ask your medical history, such as what you were doing when the injury occurred, such as driving a car or playing a sport. The doctor will also ask some other questions:

  • Was your knee straight, bent, or twisted at the time of the injury?
  • How did you feel in the knee after the injury?
  • Are there any symptoms after the injury?

A physical examination is also done to diagnose a posterior cruciate ligament injury. The doctor asks you to lie on your back with your knees bent. He examines your knees and presses on the upper shin. If there is abnormal movement of the knee during this test, it means that there has been a posterior cruciate ligament injury. Apart from this, the test can also be done with an instrument like an arthrometer. It checks how tight the ligament is.

Ask the doctor to walk, if you are not able to walk properly it could be a sign of posterior cruciate ligament injury.

Apart from this, the examination of fluid present in the knee, X-ray, and MRI are also used to diagnose posterior cruciate ligament injury.

What is the prevention of posterior cruciate ligament injury?

Posterior cruciate ligament injury cannot be completely avoided, as it results from an accident. However, it can be minimized by taking some precautionary steps:

  • Strengthening the muscles of the upper and lower legs keeps the joints stable
  • Use the right equipment while playing
  • Doing any physical activity properly whether exercise, running or walking.
  • Do stretching daily to keep joints flexible

Treatment for a posterior cruciate ligament injury?

Treatment at home- If a posterior cruciate ligament injury is common, then it can be treated with the PRICE method at home. These include:

  • Protection – Protecting the knee from further injury.
  • Rest – rest the knee.
  • Icing – Icing the knee with an ice pack.
  • Compressing – giving light compression to the knee like an elastic bandage.
  • Elevating – raising the knee
  • If there is pain then you can take over the counter painkillers
  • Therapy– The physical therapist will tell you the special techniques of exercise, which will strengthen your knees. His work and stability will also improve. You may also need a knee brace or crutches.

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