How long does it take to recover from ACL Surgery?

recovery after ACL surgery

Recovery after ACL Surgery: Knee injuries are responsible for disturbing our lifestyle to a certain extent. Undoubtedly, if we have any knee injury due to some sports or any other type of accident, we face a lot of difficulties, and sometimes overcoming them seems very difficult.

Sometimes it happens when the injuries take place to the ligament and the doctor suggests that patients go for ACL surgery. Are you aware of ACL surgery? Do you know the time it takes to recovery from ACL surgery?

Well, some people still have no clue about anterior cruciate ligament surgery and consider it a misconception. But in reality, it is not. When you approach the surgeon for anterior cruciate ligament surgery, he will help you to understand the same in detail and will also help you realize that this is not a misconception but rather the best treatment for treating the injury.

For better understanding, here we are discussing recovery from ACL surgery and other aspects related to it so that we can make up our mind and approach the doctor time to get it done.

Know About ACL surgery!

ACL reconstruction surgery is a type of surgery in which the doctor replaces the torn anterior cruciate ligament. It is the major ligament in the knee. This type of surgery is common among athletes. This reconstruction surgery is also helpful in restoring range of motion in the knee joint, stability of the knee joint, and its functioning. But do understand that there are certain risks associated with the surgery as well. Furthermore, the recovery period is also important to understand. For some people, the recovery period lasts for a few months, and for others it takes a year. There are several factors to consider when making a decision.

How is ACL Reconstruction Surgery done?

Recovery After ACL Surgery:

First of all, it is important to understand that the duration of recovery after ACL surgery lasts for almost six months. The six-month duration is really crucial for patients because if they do not follow the complete path of surgery recovery, they will not be able to get the expected results and will complain about the treatment.

As we have already said, there is a path to ACL surgery recovery, so just follow the below-mentioned path:-

Healing starts immediately. –

Do not be misled by the fact that healing takes time. The day of your surgery is the crucial one, and the day when you get discharged from the hospital, the recovery starts right away. After surgery, the doctors will help you understand certain strengthening and stretching exercises that are important to perform for regaining range of motion and maintaining the stability of the joint.

During the healing process, they also suggest you continue with the cold and compression therapy. Cryotherapy is responsible for reducing pain and swelling. Be sure to get in touch with a physiotherapist as well to learn about the best stretching and strengthening exercises.

For almost two weeks, a patient needs to use crutches so that there will be no problems when they walk. If you are facing any trouble in the initial two weeks, you have to approach the doctor and discuss the condition.

You will start doing fine within weeks:

After starting two weeks, you will be happy to see that the knee joint has started regaining mobility and functioning has been retained. The doctor will suggest you stay in continuous touch with the physiotherapist because therapy is important to regain mobility, and if there is any swelling, try the cold and compression therapy. It will help you out.

Full recovery takes time and patience.

After 4 to 6 weeks, you will start feeling fine. But keep in mind that you are not putting yourself in any kind of danger. If you are putting yourself in a condition where there may be some strain on the knee joint and some other problem arises, the recovery period will be extended.

You need to follow all the suggestions your doctor suggests because they are important for recovery. Moreover, make sure to continue with the cold and compression therapy because it will reduce pain and help you feel recovered as well.

Note: Do understand that the recovery period depends on the person as well. If your body is taking time to respond to the process, chances are the recovery period will be extended. In most cases, it reaches 12 months as well. But there is nothing to worry about because following the proper preventive measures will help you deal with it.

What is ACL Injury-Symptoms and Causes.

Measures to take after ACL surgery:

During the recovery period, it is important for you to take all the preventive measures. Well, the major preventive measures you need to adapt to are:

  • You should get an idea about the sleeping posture. As it is important to keep the joint intact and prevent further damage.
  • Ask the doctor how long you can stand and sit in a proper position because sitting or standing in the same position for a longer duration affects the joint.
  • Get an idea for the medication because it includes pain relievers and anti-inflammatories.
  • Be sure to take a nutrition-rich diet because during surgery, blood loss may also take place, and for its recovery, it is important you rely on a healthy diet. Moreover, after surgery, your body requires more nutrition to heal itself.
  • A continuous check-up with the doctor is important because, with time, the doctor changes certain medications which promote recovery.
  • Be sure that until and unless your doctor is advising you to engage in physical exercises or some driving activities, do not go for it because this may cause some damage.

We hope right now you are aware of the recovery period after anterior cruciate ligament surgery. If you are searching for a doctor and want to get the surgery done, approach Dr. Arun Partani in Jaipur at Partani Clinic.

He is one of the best doctors you can approach for surgery. Also, he has experience in joint replacement surgery too. If there is any problem related to a joint, he will let you know about it. Discuss your problem in detail with him so that he can suggest what to do and what not to do. For sure, after getting the treatment, you will be able to feel relaxed and start regular activities seamlessly!

Most Asked Questions

Q. 1 Is ACL surgery a painful surgery?

Ans: During surgery, the doctor will give you anesthesia that will let you feel comfortable for a while. But after coming out of the effect of anesthesia, you may experience some pain. But don’t worry, this lasts for a few days only.

Q. 2 Is swelling normal after ACL reconstruction surgery?

Ans: Swelling is normal to an extent after surgery. But understand, if it is not going away even after taking the medication, you need to approach the doctor and discuss it.

Q. 3 Who is the best doctor for ACL reconstruction surgery in Jaipur?

Ans: Dr. Arun Partani is the best doctor to approach for ACL Tear surgery in Jaipur.

Q. 4 Do I need to make any dietary changes for recovery?

Ans: It is advisable for patients to make some dietary changes and have a nutrition-rich diet for a better recovery period. This will not only make you feel more energetic, but it will also allow your body to heal more quickly.

Q. 5 What is the success rate of ACL surgery?

Ans: The success rate of ACL surgery is 95%. This means that you will be able to get rid of the problem if you follow all the preventive measures as suggested by the doctor.