What is the success rate of partial knee replacement?

success rate of partial knee replacement

Partial knee replacement surgery is among the common surgeries these days for people who are suffering from knee problems. In this surgery, doctors will remove the damaged part of the knee. Also, the success rate is quite high in this one as well. Usually, doctors perform it in the inside part or outside part, or on the kneecap. It totally depends on the damaged tissue. When you are approaching a doctor for partial knee replacement surgery in Jaipur, he will help you to know about the treatment in detail. If you are planning to go for it, get an idea about the success rate as well.

What is the success rate of partial knee replacement surgery?

As per recent research, the success rate of partial knee replacement surgery is 93%. This clearly means that 93% of cases are there which get benefit from it, and after 10 years of surgery as well, they are doing fine.

But it is essential for individuals to pay attention to the recovery period because if they are not paying attention in the recovery period, problems will arise. Moreover, people consider partial knee replacement surgery over total knee replacement surgery because it is a less invasive procedure and provides more satisfaction. If you approach Dr. Arun Partani for the surgery, he will clarify all those doubts regarding the same. He will observe the damaged knee and then reach the conclusion that the partial knee replacement is a solution or total knee replacement.

What to do during the recovery period?

The recovery period plays an integral role, and a patient needs to focus on certain aspects. These are as follows:-

  • Don’t engage in physical exercises until and unless the doctor suggests. Physical exercise may contribute to some pain that may become unbearable. Therefore pay attention to it.
  • Make sure to consume a diet that is enriched with all the vitamins and nutrients but not fat. If you consume a diet having fat, it will contribute to weight gain, which will create problems during recovery.
  • Approach the physiotherapist so that he can suggest you went to engage in exercise and when not. Also, Physiotherapy will be responsible for retaining motion in the knee joint.
  • Make sure to take medicines on time. If you are not taking medicines on time, it will not contribute to recovery at all. The medicines have some anti-inflammatory medicine and experience, which are responsible for reducing pain and dissolving blood clots, if any formed, and prevent further formation too.

Major things which a person needs to know during the recovery period. As we have already discussed that after approaching the knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur, you will get an idea about it and everything. But it is also essential for you to be sure about things at your end. Ask a doctor about things related to the surgery so that you will not face any trouble.