What can you never do after a hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery

Are you having severe pain in your hip for a longer time? Are you feeling pain while walking and are not able to bend easily? Well, it can be due to arthritis or other medical conditions and you should visit the best doctor as soon as possible.

A hip replacement surgery is a type of surgery in which doctors replace a painful hip joint with arthritis with an artificial joint. This artificial joint is usually made up of metal or plastic and helps you to get relief from the pain. Thus, if you are experiencing severe pain in your hip, you must visit a doctor and should go for a hip replacement surgery in Jaipur, India to avoid the situation from being worsened.

The Don’ts

After the hip replacement surgery, there are some precautions that you must follow carefully. Here is a list of some don’ts that you must not try after the surgery. Have a look:

Do not bend your hip

The first thing that you need to keep in your mind is not to bend your hip too far and also not to lift your knee too high. However, you must keep your thighs in parallel with the floor. Also, do not sit on the low chair as it will bend your knee and will hip up. This will break the rule of 90 degrees and can create hip dislocation.

Do not cross your operated leg over the non-operative one

Doctors usually advise not to cross your operative leg over the non-operative leg, not even while sleeping. Some people have the habit of crossing leg while lying down. If you had a hip replacement surgery, you must be very careful about this to prevent hip dislocation. For this, you can also use an abduction pillow which acts as a special wedge and help you to keep your legs separated.

Do not rotate your hip inwards

After the hip replacement surgery, you must not rotate your hip inwards. Otherwise, you may have a risk of dislocation. To prevent it, keep your toes straight ahead. Moreover, you need to focus more while walking. You must not rotate your body over your foot on the ground as it can cause internal rotation of your hip.

Thus, it is better to take the help of your doctor and physical therapist to maintain your hip surgery precautions. Your physical trainer will teach you various methods to protect your hip from dislocation. Furthermore, he will assist you by writing down all the precautions and will set various reminders for you.


A hip replacement surgery is a safe and secure method to get rid of the severe pain in the hip joint. Though it demands several precautions such as not crossing your legs for 6 weeks, not bending or leaning forward to pick up things, etc. Yet you can get back to your normal activities easily after the recovery period. Make sure to take the help of the physical therapist up to the time you are comfortable with each activity.