What can I expect after ACL surgery?

expect after ACL surgery

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a ligament that joins your femur (thighbone) to your tibia (shinbone) and helps to keep your knee joint in working order. ACL injuries are most common in sports like soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball, which require rapid pauses and changes in direction.

When ACL damage develops, many patients hear or feel a “popping” sensation in the knee. Your knee may swell, become unstable, and be too painful to bear.

ACL reconstruction is an operation that is performed by a doctor who specializes in bone and joint surgery (orthopedic surgeon).


  • Feel discomfort while walking
  • Rapidly selling
  • Severe pain
  • Soreness around the knee
  • Inability to continuing activity

Causes of ACL

Although anyone of any age or fitness level can injure their ACL, most injuries happen during activity and are related to:

  • a hit to the knee
  • especially from the side overstretching the knee
  • with rapid starts
  • stops, or changes of direction while moving.

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Then the doctor starts your physical exam and diagnosis your injury. During the exam, your doctor checks your knee injury and tenderness.

For the diagnosis, they may use an X-ray, MRI to identify your injury such as damage to the ACL.

if you find any of the injuries or symptoms then contact a doctor immediately. After diagnosis, your doctor refers to the surgeon. If you want the best treatment then go for Dr. Arun Patrani in Jaipur. He has a specialization in knee replacement. Moreover, you can expect recovery without any risk.


Immediate first-aid treatment can help to minimize discomfort and swelling after a knee injury. At home, use the R.I.C.E. model of self-care:

  • Rest
  • Ice pack
  • Compression
  • Elevation

If a person has a severe injury, then he or she goes for ACL surgery in Jaipur. An ACL damage requires several weeks of rehabilitative therapy before it can be treated medically. Miniature cameras and small incisions are used during surgery. Arthroscopy is a less invasive technique. The goal of rehabilitation is to alleviate pain and swelling while also restoring complete range of motion and strengthening muscles in your knee. Typically, a surgeon will remove the injured section of the ACL and replace it with a new ligament. The transplant might be taken from the damaged person’s body, from a donor, or a synthetic source.

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Expect after ACL surgery

The good news is that you will almost always be able to place weight on your leg within 24 hours following surgery and begin rehabilitation exercises as soon as swelling and pain permit.

However, it takes six months of rehabilitation before you can return to full athletic and physical activity strength.

In 1-2 weeks: –

While you will be able to bear weight immediately after surgery, crutches will be required as you recover from post-operative pain and swelling. It normally takes 7-10 days for you to be able to walk without them comfortably. Exercise also helps you and some of them are:

  • Make sure your knee has a full range of motion from fully extended to a 90-degree bend
  • Work on thigh muscular strength (quadriceps).
  • Gently manipulate your kneecap (patella) with your hands to mobilize it.

Then 2-6 weeks (expect after ACL surgery)

Some other exercises are:

  • Using a knee brace to avoid twisting is one way to protect your knee from stressors.
  • Proprioception and endurance can be improved by using a step machine, cross-trainer, or stationary bike.

In 6-24 weeks (expect after ACL surgery)


  • concentrating on fortification and power
  • Treadmill running is normally allowed after three months.

After 6 months (expect after ACL surgery)

If there are no problems with the range of motion, discomfort, or edema, you can return to full activities.

This is what you can expect after ACL surgery. After the surgery, you only required to take precautions and do exercises. It takes time but it cures your injury like that so you can do the everyday activity. If you have knee pain or any discomfort that affects your activity level, get in touch with our specialist as soon as possible. Getting your early diagnosis can help conditions from worsening and improve your chance of full recovery health. Contact Dr. Arun Partani Knee Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur (Rajasthan). He will guide after the treatment. And you can expect a full recovery after the treatment.