What is the success rate of Partial Knee Replacement?

success rate of Partial Knee Replacement

Surgical procedures are among the most complex procedures any person can encounter. Undoubtedly, people who are going through surgeries have major questions in their heads considering recovery and the duration required for it. Well, in this article we are discussing the success rate of partial knee replacement surgery.

Right now, most people are suffering from knee pain-related problems due to some health conditions or injuries, and as a result, they are going for partial or full knee replacement surgery. It is among the most complex surgeries anyone can be a part of. But understand that the success rate is entirely dependent on the procedure adopted.

If your doctor has suggested you go for partial knee replacement surgery or you are curious to know about the success rate of partial knee replacement surgery, keep reading. For better understanding, we are sharing all the details related it.

About Partial Knee Replacement Surgery.

Partial knee replacement surgery is a procedure in which doctors remove the damage from the knee that has taken place due to osteoarthritis in any of the compartments. Doctors replace the damaged knee with an artificial implant, and with time, the knee returns to functioning.

During the surgical procedure, doctors make a cut and look for the damaged part of the knee and remove it. After its removal, they place the artificial implant in the same place.

What is the success rate of Partial Knee Replacement?

The success rate of partial knee replacement surgery is 90–95%. It clearly means that there is a 90% chance that a person will not face any sort of difficulty and their needs will function well for the next 10 years. But make sure when you are getting surgery that you are paying attention to all the recovery tips and not engaging in activities that the doctor has suggested you avoid.

Furthermore, it is also important to know that if you are approaching any new doctor for partial knee replacement surgery, there are chances that you might be a victim of complications. Therefore, if you don’t want to face such complications, always reach out to the experienced doctor around you.

8 Tips to consider for successful partial knee replacement

As we have already said, partial knee replacement surgery is a successful surgery, so there are tips related to it that a patient needs to adapt to. The basic tips include:

1. Exercises:

After partial knee replacement surgery, it is important that you adopt exercises to perform. Make sure you are not going for heavy exercise at all. The heavy exercises are responsible for causing dislocation of the implant doctors have placed. Moreover, initially you are suggested to work only, but until and unless the doctor is not suggesting you do strenuous exercises, do not go for it.

2. Dietary changes:

Dietary changes are important to make. Be sure to have a diet full of nutrition that is helpful in providing you with sufficient energy to maintain your regular activities. Sometimes it happens that during the surgery, blood loss may also take place, and for its recovery, it is important you consume a diet helpful in fulfilling the requirement. Also, avoid eating foods that contribute to weight gain because obesity has a significant impact on its outcome.

3. Approach to the physiotherapist:

Be sure to have an appointment with the physiotherapist. For a while after partial knee replacement surgery, you may feel like you are not able to move properly, and to maintain the mobility of the joint and regain its functioning, it is important to engage in physiotherapy. The physiotherapist suggests that patients do certain exercises that they can adapt according to the recovery period. Initially, they will suggest you do some minor exercises only so that you will not feel restrained from moving around, and with time, the extent of the exercise will increase.

4. Resting period:

The resting period is also important to understand. Make sure to get enough rest because avoiding it can be troublesome and the recovery period will be extended. Thus, if you want the partial knee replacement to be successful, make sure you are getting enough rest. For almost six to eight weeks, you are not supposed to do anything that can put a strain on the knee joint.

5. Checkup with the doctor:

Regular check-ups with the doctor are important. Be sure to approach the doctor promptly so that if there is any problem. Well, the doctor can encounter it and suggest the medication accordingly. If you are facing even the slightest problem after surgery, be sure to let the doctor know about it. After knowing it, they can analyze whether the implanted joint is working fine or not.

6. Timely consumption of medication

It is important for you to take the medication on time. Do not avoid the medication because it includes some pain killers and other medications that are helpful in the recovery period.

7. Sleeping posture is important:

Ask the doctor about your sleeping posture. Sometimes the doctor performs surgery from the front, so you are not supposed to bend the knee, or sometimes from the back of the knee. Ask the doctor how you can sleep so that there will be no problems later.

8. Engagement in activities:

Last but not least, it is also important for you to understand your engagement in activities. If you are engaging in unnecessary activities, there are chances that you will face some problems later on. Therefore, to keep yourself safe, always try to avoid these activities in the initial days after surgery. When you start feeling comfortable for a while, you can engage in such activities and resume them as you want.

We’re pretty sure that now you are aware of the success rate of partial knee replacement surgery. Well, if you are facing any problem, discuss it with your doctor. Also, if you are planning to go for partial knee replacement surgery and are looking for the best doctor around, then visit the Partani Clinic in Jaipur.

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Most Asked Questions

Q. 1 Is partial knee replacement surgery a safe option?

Ans: Yes. Partial replacement surgery is a safer option. But it is important to get it done by an experienced doctor only.

Q. 2 Is there any risk linked with partial knee replacement surgery?

Ans: If a person is not paying attention during the recovery period, chances are they may experience swelling at the site of injury. Otherwise, there is no such problem people experience after surgery.

Q. 3 How long do I need to take rest after partial knee replacement surgery?

Ans: After partial knee replacement surgery, a person is supposed to take rest for almost four to eight weeks.

Q. 4 Who is the best doctor for partial knee replacement surgery in Jaipur?

Ans: Dr. Arun Partani is the best doctor for partial knee replacement surgery in Jaipur.

Q. 5 Is it a good idea to go for partial knee replacement surgery at an advanced age?

Ans: If you have had any injury due to which the doctor has suggested going for partial knee replacement surgery, then there is no problem with going for it. But in some cases, doctors suggest patients rely on medication instead of surgery.