Rehabilitation after ACL ligament Surgery.

ACL ligament Surgery

ACL on anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is one of the most considered surgical procedures these days. In this procedure, doctors replace the cruciate ligament with a graft located in the knee, and as a result, it restores functioning. When patients get in touch with the doctor performing ACL surgery in Jaipur, they have certain thoughts about rehabilitation as well. If you also fall into the same category, here we are discussing it.

Rehabilitation after ACL ligament surgery:

It is essential for patients to understand that they are paying attention to every aspect. In case they are ignoring things, then problems will be there for them. Certain factors which a patient needs to keep in mind after surgery are as follows:-

Avoid physical exercises to an extent:

After the surgery, it is essential for you to avoid physical exercises. When you are done with ACL reconstruction surgery, the doctor will suggest you be patient and not move your feet here and there. For a particular duration, they suggest you put it at minimum work.

Weight management:

When you approach the doctor for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur, they will also help you to know about weight management’s importance. Understand it because, after the reconstruction surgery, it is important. If you are gaining unnecessary weight, it will lead to problems, and constant pain will surround you.

Take medicines timely:

Don’t forget to take the medicines timely because the medicines are very important for rehabilitation. Until and unless the doctors will not suggest you drop the medicines, don’t go for it. In case you are facing any difficulty after taking medicine, get in touch with the doctor and discuss it.

Approach an experienced doctor only:

For surgery, of course, you need to get in touch with an experienced doctor but if you want a second opinion, then as well approach an experienced doctor around. We all know Dr. Arun Partani in Jaipur is among those doctors having experience in performing the reconstruction surgery efficiently. You can get in touch with him for a first and second opinion.


Physiotherapy is also integral to know. When you are done with surgery, the doctors will suggest you approach the physiotherapist because they help you to regain mobility. If mobility is not there, you might feel like it is a waste of money for you, and procedures have not worked in your favour.

Get an idea for sleeping posture:

Sleeping posture is also an important factor of consideration. Always ask your doctor in which position you can sleep.

Use knee braces:

In the initial days, don’t forget to use the knee braces. This act as the support to the grafts and help you to feel comfortable. With time, if you are taking any precautions, the dependency on these braces will get reduced.

Fix an appointment with the doctor:

An appointment with the doctor is also important for you to know. Whenever you approach the doctor, tell him clearly about the condition so that he can understand what to do and what not to do. After analyzing the situation, he will focus on the medicines which act as a booster for recovery.

These are certain things that are the person must keep in mind during rehabilitation after the reconstruction surgery. Get in touch with an experienced doctor like Dr. Arun Partani in Jaipur and get the best treatment. He will help you to understand the procedure and also suggest you whether the particular condition requires surgery or it can be easily deal with medicines