What is the Procedure of Fast-Track Knee Replacement?

Procedure of Fast-Track Knee Replacement

Procedure of Fast-Track Knee Replacement: The medical field is advancing at a rapid pace, and new technologies are constantly being developed to assist people in dealing with their problems. As we all know from a very long time ago, knee replacement is among the most complex surgeries, and people fear it a lot before having it. But due to the problems they are facing, they need to get it. The fear was always there, and people sometimes reached a state of anxiety and depression due to the same outcomes.

But not anymore, because right now, fast track total knee replacement surgery is being considered by most of the doctors around me. The process is also very simple for this kind of surgery. In this article, we will help you to learn about the Procedure of Fast-Track Knee Replacement and other factors so that you can prepare yourself to get it, and there will be no complications later on. Keep reading till the end to find out about it!

What is the Fast Track Knee Replacement Procedure?

The Fast Track Knee Replacement Procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that helps to reduce the recovery time and increase the quality of life for patients. In this procedure, a small incision is made in the skin, and a small metal rod is inserted through it. It has become increasingly popular in recent years because it can be performed on an outpatient basis with little or no pain.

The goal of this procedure is to replace the damaged knee with an artificial joint that includes all of the functional components of a normal knee. The new joint is made from a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, and ceramic, but often incorporates bone from the patient’s own body.

When you reach the doctor for the treatment, he will help you to understand everything in detail. During the conversation with the doctor, you are in the state to ask all your questions regarding the process.

Before discussing the process, we would like to let you know about Dr. Arun Partani, who is one of the best doctors for Fast Track knee replacement surgery in Jaipur. He is available at Partani Clinic, and you can fix an appointment with him to get it. Discuss the condition you are going through so that he can suggest the best treatment accordingly!

Procedure for Fast Track Knee Replacement Surgery

In this section, we are discussing the process in detail.

1. Before the surgery:

Before the surgery, when you reach the doctor for a conversation about the process, he will help you to know about all the pros and cons associated with it. Thankfully, there are no problems with this process, so there will be nothing for you to worry about.

There is a possibility the doctor may suggest you make some changes in your routine to get ready for the surgery. If you are a smoker or have relied on any particular medication for a very long time, there is a possibility you need to stop it from getting ready for the treatment.

2. On the day of surgery:

On the day of surgery, when you reach the doctor, he will first give you general anaesthesia. Anaesthesia is important because it will let you be in your state without experiencing any pain throughout the process. After that, doctors mark a cut around your knee joint. The cut will be smaller in size and will help doctors look into the condition and fix it. After process completion, they will put some stitches over the cut.

3. After surgery:

Within 6 to 8 hours, the doctor will give you the discharge after surgery. The observation of six to eight hours is important for doctors to figure out whether the joint is doing fine or not and whether you are fine with the treatment or not. If they experience even a slight change in your body response, they take the steps accordingly.

This is the entire process for Fast Track total knee replacement surgery, and there will be no need for individuals to worry about anything when they are planning to go for it.

Advantages of Fast Track Knee Replacement:

There are so many advantages a person will get after having the Fast Track knee replacement surgery, and these are:

  • The total surgery time is very less, which means there will be no need for you to stay in the operation theatre for a longer duration.
  • Aftercare is also very little, and there will be no disturbance in your routine.
  • There will be no need for individuals to wear a knee brace after surgery.
  • The recovery period is short as compared to traditional knee replacement surgery.
  • People will be able to climb stairs on the third day after surgery.
  • There will be less pain after surgery.

It is right to conclude that Fast Track knee replacement surgery is one of the most significant replacement techniques at present. But it is important to approach an experienced doctor only because approaching someone who is new in this field can bring out a lot of difficulties. As we have already discussed, you can fix an appointment with Dr. Arun Partani. He is one of the best knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur for it.

FAQ: Procedure of fast-track knee replacement

Q. 1 Can I walk immediately after Fast Track knee replacement surgery?

Ans: Within a few hours, you will be able to walk after Fast Track knee replacement surgery.

Q. 2 Is there any need for me to wear braces after Fast Track knee replacement surgery?

Ans: There is no need for you to wear braces after Fast Track knee replacement surgery because doctors have not made the cut so large that such a condition arises.

Q. 3 Do I need to make some dietary changes after surgery?

Ans: Dietary changes are important, and be sure to have a nutrition-rich diet during the recovery phase.

Q. 4 Do I need to be in bed for recovery?

Ans: For recovery, a person needs to be in bed for three to five days only. However, it is not a complete bed rest. You can move here and there, but be gentle with yourself.

Q. 5 What to do if I am experiencing pain after surgery?

Ans: If you are experiencing any pain after surgery, reach out to the doctor right away and discuss it with them. However, experiencing pain after Fast Track knee replacement surgery is not so obvious. So yes, do not be late to reach the doctor.