Meniscus Tear Surgery: Causes and Treatment Procedure.

Meniscus tear surgery

Meniscus tear surgery is a procedure in which doctors remove the meniscus, which is the cartilage of the knee. It totally depends on the condition when the doctor suggests the patient go for full or partial meniscus removal. You can approach the surgeon for meniscus tear surgery in Jaipur and ask him about it. But before approaching any doctor, make yourself mindful of the treatment, causes, and other aspects. Here we discuss it.


Meniscus tear surgery or meniscectomy is an arthroscopic procedure in which small cuts are required for inserting the arthroscope. Along with it, with the help of a small instrument, to doctor removes the part which is damaged or the complete meniscus.

In total, two types of meniscus surgeries are there, including partial and total. In the partial one doctor remove the small piece of the torn meniscus, and in the total one, the entire meniscus will be removed.

Causes of the torn meniscus:

Different causes are there, which can let you reach the doctor for meniscus tear surgery. But it majorly happens due to forcefully twist or rotation of the knee. Sometimes aggressive pivoting or sudden stops and turns contribute to it. In case a person is engaged in the squatting or lifting exercise is it can also lead to a torn meniscus.

But in adults, the symptoms may be different and degenerative changes are the major reason behind this condition.


Symptoms are also very important to know. The symptoms will help you to understand whether there is any need to approach a surgeon for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur on not. These are as follows:

  • Swelling on stiffness around the knee area.
  • You are not able to stand properly.
  • Constant pain in the knee.
  • There is some problem in twisting or rotating the knee.
  • Popping sensation every time


It is also essential to understand the treatment options available. If you have no idea about treatment, it may let you face unnecessary stress as well. The treatment options available are as follows:

Initial treatment:

If the condition is not very extensive, doctors will suggest you go for some light treatments, including resting, icing over the knee, and medication. But this is not the treatment in later stages. In the initial stages, only this can be considered. With time and proper medication along with rest, the condition can get improved.

Physical Therapies:

If icing, rest, and medication are not working in your favour, doctors will suggest you approach the physiotherapist around. Physical therapy will strengthen the muscles and helps to promote balance and in stabilizing the knee joint.


The last treatment option available is surgery. In case not even a single treatment is working in your favor, doctors will consider surgery and remove it completely. It totally depends on the condition, whether they considered partial or total meniscus tear surgery. Understand about it and prepare yourself for the treatment.

So here we discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatment for meniscus tear surgery. Get in touch with Dr. Arun Pathani in Jaipur, and he will help you to understand to which stage the condition has been reached. Accordingly, he will come up with the best possible treatment for treating the condition.