Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery!

Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery: joint-related problems are very common in the present generation. People who have entered into old age majorly experience it. Along with knee joints, some people experience hip joint problems. In that case, they need to go for hip replacement surgery.

But the major problem arises when they are not aware of the benefits of hip replacement surgery. If you are someone who is planning to go for it and have no clue about the benefits, keep reading till the end.

Here we will discuss all the benefits in detail so that a patient can easily make up their mind about the procedure. But before discussing the benefits, do know about the Pantani Clinic in Jaipur.

This is one of the best healthcare centers you can approach for orthopedic treatment. Here you can fix an appointment with Dr. Arun Partani and get the surgery. He is among the best hip replacement surgeons in Jaipur whom people can approach for treatment and can get rid of the condition. You can discuss everything with him and understand what to do and what not to do. For sure, all your doubts will come to rest after approaching him. Now let’s discuss the benefits in detail!

Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery:

In this section, we will discuss all the benefits of hip replacement surgery in detail.

1. Get rid of pain:

Some people experience constant hip pain due to other problems, like rheumatoid arthritis. But after getting the hip replacement surgery, they will be able to get rid of the pain and live their lives comfortably.

2. High success rate:

Total hip replacement surgery has a high success rate, around 95%. It is among the most effective, safe, and durable treatment options available to help a person get rid of the problems that come up with some serious conditions of the hip, like arthritis.

3. Improved mobility:

Due to some problems with the natural hip joint, a person cannot move properly, and their overall lifestyle is impacted. But after getting the hip replacement surgery done, there will be an improvement in mobility, and people will be able to move and do their things as they always wanted.

4. Improvement in hip functioning:

Due to some health-related problems like rheumatoid arthritis or some injury to the hip joint, it happens that the hip functioning experiences an impact due to which a person cannot live their life peacefully. But after the surgery, there will be an improvement in hip functioning, which again is beneficial for people.

5. Long-lasting effects:

As we have already discussed, it comes up with a success rate, and, as per the research, 80-85% of hip replacements are still working 20 years after they were inserted. So yes, it is right to say that after getting hip replacement surgery, there will be no need for people to approach the doctor and take unnecessary medications to deal with the problems they are going through.

6. Enhances the quality of life:

When a person is doing fine physically, there will be no problem at all. But sometimes it happens when a particular part of the body is not working well, and a lot of problems happen. The same is the case with the hip. If the hip is not working properly, there will be a problem. But after surgery, the condition will come to an end, and you will be able to live your life actively and enjoy little things.

7. Reduces the risk of chronic health conditions:

As per the research done, there is a significant reduction in the number of people suffering from heart failure, depression, and diabetes who have undergone hip replacement surgery as compared to those who are suffering from hip pain.

8. Peace of mind:

Last but not the least, when a person is doing physically well, they will also have peace of mind. There will be no need for them to feel suppressed just because they are not in the state to do certain things. After hip replacement surgery, you will be able to do all the things that were restricted just because the condition of your hip was not fine.


People need to understand that after the hip replacement surgery is done, they need to be sure about a lot of precautions. If they are not paying attention to precautions after surgery, there are more chances of problems and they cannot live their lives peacefully.

The following are the benefits available to people whenever they are going for hip replacement surgery. It is important to reach out to an experienced doctor only. If you are experiencing any problems after surgery, be sure to tell the doctor about them. So that he can suggest what to do and what not to do. Sometimes, the chances are that some minor complications may arise. To deal with such complications, a clear conversation with the doctor and approaching him at the right time of appointment is important.

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FAQ: Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery

Q. 1 Can a person completely recover from hip replacement surgery?

Ans: Yes, a person can completely recover from hip replacement surgery. But be sure to follow all the recovery tips as the doctor suggests. So that there will be no complications throughout.

Q. 2 What is the success rate of hip replacement surgery?

Ans: The success rate of hip replacement surgery somewhere revolves around 95%. Only 5% of the time will a person encounter complications or be unable to obtain the results they desired.

Q. 3 Can you live a normal life after hip replacement surgery?

Ans: Yes, a person will be able to live a normal life after hip replacement surgery. But until and unless the recovery period is over, they cannot expect it.

Q. 4 Can hip replacement surgery helps a person deal with arthritis?

Ans: Total hip replacement surgery is an option available to patients to eliminate arthritis in the hip entirely.

Q. 5 Can arthritis come back after hip replacement surgery?

Very few chances are there that arthritis will come back after hip replacement surgery. But if a person has suffered from a serious case of rheumatoid arthritis, there are more chances for them to suffer from it again.