Is ACL surgery painful?

Is ACL surgery painful

ACL surgery on anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is the surgical procedure in which doctors replace the anterior cruciate ligament. It is located in the knee, and the replacement has been done for retaining the functioning of the knee after an injury. People usually approach knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur and get the surgery done. But they have a question or concern about the pain. Here we will highlight all the factors related to pain during ACL surgery.

Is the surgery painful?

During the anterior cruciate ligament surgery, doctors will put the patient under anesthesia. After giving anesthesia, the doctor will perform the surgery. If you have approached Dr. Arun Partani for the ACL tear surgery in Jaipur, he will tell you about the anus in detail. In most cases, he gives general anesthesia, and the rest depends on the condition.

But when a person comes out of the effect of anesthesia, he will feel some pain. Even in recovery days, the pain will be common, but it is essential to cope up with the pain and pay attention to all the recovery tips the doctor has suggested.

What to do and what not to do after ACL surgery?

Pay attention to all the do’s and don’ts after the reconstruction surgery so that recovery will be Fearless and you can get rid of the problem as soon as possible. These are as follows:-


  • Take all the prescribed medicines on time because these are really very essential for recovery.
  • Make sure to engage in some light activities for maintaining mobility.
  • Do approach the physiotherapist regularly as prescribed by your doctor because they will help you to engage in activities easily.
  • Maintain a healthy diet for a better recovery and choose a diet that is enriched with all the essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Keep your knee straight for the prescribed duration.
  • Wear the knee brace regularly. It may appear to be uncomfortable, but it will protect and stabilize the knee.


  • Not to engage in physical exercises until and unless your doctor will suggest you.
  • Don’t take anti-inflammatory medicines without your doctor’s prescription.
  • Don’t put the weight on the knee.

These are the basic which a person needs to know whenever they are going for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur. Ask your doctor about each and everything in detail so that you can feel comfortable and recovery will not be interrupted. Also, in case during the recovery period any problem is arising, make sure to get in touch with the doctor immediately so that it will not lead to other problems.