Hip osteoarthritis: symptoms and causes

Hip osteoarthritis: symptoms and causes

Joint problems are being widespread these days. Among all the joint problems, Arthritis hits at the top. Multiple forms are there of Arthritis, and osteoarthritis is the common one. It is affecting millions of people globally and let them face a lot of difficulties. It can occur in any part of the body, including the hand, knees, spine, and hips.

Hip osteoarthritis sometimes creates a lot of problems for people. They feel that their life has come to an end. But the scenario is not so at all. Hip osteoarthritis is also recoverable, and a person can get rid of it through hip replacement surgery.

If you have no idea about its symptoms and causes here, we are presenting all of them for you. Let’s get started without wasting any moment.

Symptoms of hip osteoarthritis:

When a person is suffering from hip osteoarthritis, the symptoms will get to develop slowly. With time these get worse as well. The same symptoms are as follows:-


Pain is the primary factor that creates a lot of disturbance in life when a person is suffering from hip osteoarthritis. During or after movement, a person will face pain in the pelvic region. A moment will arise when the pain will become so unbearable that they will not be able to get rid of it with any kind of painkiller as well.


Tenderness also takes place when a person is applying a little pressure to the joint or nearby it. They will be able to feel the tenderness in the joint, which helps them to get an idea that there might be a chance they are suffering from hip osteoarthritis.


Joint stiffness will take place, and it promotes immobility as well. A person will not be able to move comfortably at all, and they need to take help from others as well. The stiffness will become severe with time, and they will not be able to feel comfortable anymore.

Loss of flexibility:

The flexibility of the joint will get lost. We all know that in all the joints, there is maximum flexibility which allows individual to move comfortably and engage in physical activities as well. But after suffering from osteoarthritis, a person will not be able to feel like this way at all.


In the Hip region, a person will be able to notice inflammation as well. The inflammation of soft tissue takes place around the joint, which also being one of the most considered reasons for hip osteoarthritis.

Grating sensation:

Waiting sensations will be there every time when a person is using the joint. Sometimes they hear popping and cracking noise as well.

Bone spurs:

Bone spurs actually refer to extra bits of bone. These appear to be hard lumps which are affecting the joint.

Causes of hip osteoarthritis:

Looking at the causes of osteoarthritis, this problem arises when the cartilage at the end of the bone starts to destroy. The cartilage is very important to maintain mobility in the joint and allow an individual to move comfortably. But sometimes when a person is in responsive towards their health, the problem arises. Moreover, some other causes include:-

  • Injury to the specific part
  • There is a lot of stress on the joint
  • Bone deformities contribute to hip osteoarthritis
  • Metabolic diseases like hemochromatosis also lead to hip osteoarthritis
  • Obesity creates a lot of problem for people
  • In older age, the chances of hip osteoarthritis are quite higher

Conclusive words:

Here we come to an end after discussing the symptoms and causes related to hip osteoarthritis. If you are facing the same problem and looking forward to getting rid of it, approach the doctor now. If the problem got severe, you need to go for hip replacement surgery in Jaipur as well. The doctor will examine the condition and reach to the conclusion