Avascular necrosis: diagnosis and treatment.

Avascular necrosis: diagnosis and treatment.

Avascular necrosis is a disease which is directly related to bones. In this disease, the cells of bones start to die. It is also termed as osteonecrosis, bone infarction, ischemia bone necrosis, and aseptic necrosis. This disease leads to joint pain, and especially the hip joint gets affected.

The damage to bones takes place due to lack of blood flow to the bone cells, and mostly this happens in case of an injury. In case a person is consuming alcohol in excess at that point as well, this problem will arise. If you are suffering from avascular necrosis or looking forward to knowing about its diagnosis and treatment, let’s get started by having a look at all of them.

Diagnosis of avascular necrosis:

To find out whether a person is suffering from avascular necrosis or not, doctors conduct a physical exam. They will conduct a physical exam around the joint in which they move the joint in multiple positions. They will check out about the range of motion and then reached a conclusion. When they find out that there is any fault, they perform the test including:-

Bone scan:

A bone scan is a technique in which doctors inject a small amount of radioactive material into the vein. The trace will travel to all parts of the bone and come up with bright spots on the imaging plate. These bright spots are indicating about the problem.

MRI and CT scan:

MRI and CT scan are really very beneficial in producing detailed images. The images will get appear right in front of the doctor, and they can notice the changes in the bone as well. These changes in the bone will help them to figure out whether a person is suffering from avascular necrosis, or there are any other problems arising.


X-ray is really very beneficial when it comes to noticing the bone changes. The changes which take place in the later stages of avascular necrosis can be easily diagnosed with an x-ray. In case a person is going for x-ray in early stages, it appears to be normal.

Treatment for avascular necrosis:

After figuring out about the avascular necrosis, doctors will choose the treatment. Basically, doctors go for:-

Medications and therapy:

In medication and therapy, they look forward to osteoporosis drug and some cholesterol-lowering drugs. These are really very beneficial when a person wants to get rid of avascular necrosis. Moreover, according to the condition, doctors will consider our blood thinners and non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. If there is any chance that a person can get recover through exercises, the doctor will suggest the same therapy as well. In the recovery phase, a patient needs to rest for a while to see the results.

Surgical and other procedures:

In case the condition is not recoverable through medicines, the doctors will move ahead for surgery. In case you are suffering from avascular necrosis in the hip joint the doctors will move ahead for hip replacement surgery in Jaipur and suggest you whether it will be really very beneficial for you or not. They will help you in understanding about the procedure in detail and then move ahead.

Not only for joint replacement doctors can go for:-

  • Core decompression
  • Bone reshaping
  • Bone transplant
  • Regenerative medicine treatment

It totally depends on the condition of the person. In case their body is accepting the non-surgical procedures, they will move ahead with it, and in case there is no response to the surgery is the last option available with doctors.

Conclusive words:

These are the diagnosing and treatment procedures which the doctor considers when a person is suffering from avascular necrosis. Be sure about your condition and move ahead. If there is something troubling, you do let the doctor know about it so that they can understand what to do and which procedure will be best to adapt.