Can both hips replacement in one surgery?

Can both hips replacement in one surgery?

Hip replacement surgery called arthroplasty.  During a hip replacement surgery, the surgeon works to remove parts of your hip joint that have been damaged, then replaces them with new, artificial parts. Some patients have degenerative problems in both hips and, with their surgeon’s guidance, may consider having both hips replaced at the same time is called bilateral total hip replacement and also referred to as a simultaneous total hip replacement.

The advantage for Bilateral surgery that the patient can go into:

  • One-time hospitalization and therefore one-time anesthesia
  • Benefit for employed person
  • It helps in relieving pain and
  • Improve the function of the joint.
  • Take less time

If there is advantage then there is risk too that are:

  • Surgical blood loss is greater
  • Surgery is for long
  • Cardiovascular problem and blood clot
  • Must go for rehab after surgery

But you can overcome these risks and here some of them are:

The overall success of bilateral treatment depends on the patient. For this procedure,

  • the patient should be in good health condition, with
  • no other medical issues,
  • has support at home for recovery,
  • no set of experiences of heart or lung illness.

Before surgery, you should be answering about your health condition and that can include:

  • Medical history
  • Medication
  • Examine your hips joints
  • Examine your other tests i.e., laboratory test
  • Or any other question surgeon asks.

Must go rehab after surgery:

After surgery, patients often start physical therapy while sitting in a chair. Rehabilitation incorporates stepping, walking, and climbing because it not only helps in recovery but also deal with anxiety issues.

Other things:

  • Quit smoking
  • Daily exercise
  • Home preparation
  • Household help
  • And follow your surgeon instruction

There are some myth and reality related to both hip replacement in one surgery and that are:

Aged 75 or older

You cannot be believing on that if a personage is more than 75 years, he can’t go for surgery it’s a myth in reality you can go for surgery as well as hip replacement surgery is possible at any age.

Hip replacement surgery is only last for 10 year

With today’s advancement, hip replacement implants are made up of high quality and that lasts for 15-20 years as well as for 20 years. Moreover, your hips cannot feel artificial after surgery. Because, in today’s they come in different sizes, materials, etc, so it fits every patient, in view of his/her weight and way of life.

After the surgery, the patient should be on complete bed rest

It’s a complete myth because if you don’t go for exercise and gain weight it damages the joint and makes arteries worse. You can even run-in marathon.


To be happy with having a double replacement, you should be positive about your specialist. Working with a specialist who has lower difficulty rates, knowledgeable, completed a few cases with the advanced techniques.

It is a common surgery with a high success rate. And, you will have to follow your surgeon’s instructions. So, yes hips can be replaced in one surgery, and that too without any problem.