What happens if you don’t do physical therapy after knee surgery?

What happens if you don't do physical therapy after knee surgery?

Physical therapy plays a very important role after knee replacement surgery. In case a person is not engaging in and then certain problems will arise.

If you have just gone for knee replacement surgery but feel like that there is no need for you to do physical therapy, then you just have a thought about it. Let’s have a look at the consequences which may take place if you are avoiding physical therapy.

Consequences may take place:-

  • Constant pain:

If you are avoiding physical therapy after knee replacement surgery, then it will lead to the constant pain. The joint will not be able to maintain its place, and pain will get triggered. A moment comes when it will become unbearable, and do you need to approach the doctor again.

  • Immobility:

Physical therapy is important to bring out mobility. In case you are avoiding it, then immobility will take place. After the surgery, orthopedic doctors suggest engaging in light exercises in advance because it maintains the mobility, and after the recovery period, there will be no problem arises considering the same.

  • Increased recovery period:

The recovery period will also get increased. Doctors suggest physical therapy so that the mobility will be maintained, and the implant will be able to maintain its place. But due to no physical therapy recovery period, the duration will be going to increase.

  • The problem with walking:

During the recovery period, if a person has avoided physical therapy, then after the completion of the recovery period, they will face a lot of problems during walking. They will not be able to move longer distances easily. It will lead to the condition where they will be able to move only a few meters, and after it, the joint will start to pain.

These are the basic consequences of a person will be going to face after knee replacement surgery if they are avoiding physical therapy. It is a suggestion that according to the suggestion by the doctor, approach the physiotherapist. He will start from the initial and then take it to advance. Moreover, he will also let you understand why it is important to adapt it. During physical therapy, there will be no medicine included for recovery instead, they will focus on the mobility of joints.


From the above discussion, it is quite evident that it is important for an individual to engage in physical therapy. In case they are avoiding it, then they are inviting problems for themselves only which might become unbearable to an extent as well.