Does Hip Replacement Shorten Your Life?

Does Hip Replacement Shorten Your Life?

Do you want to find out if a hip replacement surgery can shorten your life or not? Let us find out if it does or not. Well, it is not the case that you can say hip replacement can shorten your life. Why? Let us give you the answer.

In this article, we will mainly focus on why do you need to have hip replacement surgery. And of course, you will come to know some good news. So, let us start with when it is compulsory to undergo a hip replacement.

Why Do You Need Hip Replacement?

It does not matter if hip replacement affects your life span or not. But, there are some crucial signs that your hip is requesting you to undergo a hip replacement. So, let us check them quickly.

Ineffective Treatments:

You can do some physiotherapy, can take some medication, and some hip surfacing treatments can relieve your pain. But what if they fail to meet this requirement? There is no other option than to choose a hip replacement. It is necessary if your hip pain limits your daily life or routine, or it makes them complicated for you.

Difficulty From Stiffness:

Do you think you are having some difficulties like putting your shoes and shocks? It is the signal that your hip has Stiffness. Specifically, you might feel one leg is more painful than the other. If it is so, you need a hip replacement. It is because it can alter your daily routine capabilities, and you might have to limp.

Leg Ability Test:

In this test, you can decide if your hip needs a replacement or not. What you can do is that you can stand on one leg for approximately one minute. Do it for both of your legs, and you can even do jump to a certain height like one foot. Doing it for both of your legs helps you find out if you can do it for both legs or not. If you find one of your legs is having issues or severe issues, you should prefer a hip replacement.

Groin Pain or Hip Pain:

  • If there is a pain while you are walking, and if it regulates your abilities, you have to undergo a hip replacement.
  • If there is pain or a problem with exercise, and if you can not perform well while exercising, you can say it is required to choose a hip replacement.
  • Do you think your sleep gets disturbed because of night movements In sleep? It might be painful in a deep sleep, and you wake up. It needs a hip replacement.

Does It Shorten Your Life?

No, it does not shorten your life. Is not it good news? Medical professionals and surgeons say that hip replacement can improve the quality of your life. Your ability, in comparison, with the same age and sex people improves.


By Understanding the deeply about the Science that when do you need a hip replacement surgery, we can say that you can prefer it if it regulates, limits, and disturbs your ability for your daily routine, work, and growth, then you can choose it. It does not shorten your life.