How long is a hospital stay for a knee replacement?

How long is a hospital stay for a knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is the most frequent bone surgeries nowadays. An Orthopaedic surgeon or a doctor would suggest you whether you require a surgery or not. About 90% of the people having their knee replacement surgery see a great improvement in the pain and the ability to get around.

Knee replacement surgery includes the replacement of damaged parts of the knee with artificial parts, which is known as arthroplasty. Several million people undergo such implants.

Thinking for a surgery

Before the surgery, your doctor will examine your medical history and will do a physical exam possibly contains blood tests and X-rays. With the help of an X-Ray, your doctor will find out the damaged part of the knee. The doctor will figure out how comfortably can you move the joint and the condition of the muscle support around your knee. Tell your doctor if you are already taking a medication like aspirin, blood thinners, or any other drugs. Also tell them if you have any bleeding, infections, or blood clots. One should not eat anything within 8 hours before the surgery.

During Surgery

Knee replacement surgery has become highly advanced nowadays. If a person is healthy, knee replacement surgery can be done without a long hospital stay. But if you are not healthy enough, then you have to stay in the hospital for about 1-4 days. Just before the surgery, doctors might inject an intravenous line into a vein of your hand or arm in order to give you medicines and fluids. They will also shave your skin from where they make the cut.

General anaesthesia would be used to get you in a deep sleep during the surgery. The doctors will decide whether to give you epidural or spinal anaesthesia. It will numb you’re below the waist but keeps you awake. Most of the people get general anaesthesia

The duration of the surgery can be about 1 to 2 hours. The doctor can do the surgery in a couple of ways. In front of the knee, a cut of 8-10 inches is made. Then the damaged part of the joint is taken out and the surfaces of the shin and thigh bone next to the joint. After this completes, the doctor will implant the artificial need.

This can also be done by using “minimally invasive” surgery. In this surgery, the doctor will make a short cut of about 4 to 6 inches. There is less damage to tendon and muscle. A young, thin, and healthy person is generally a good patient for this technique.

After Surgery

You would be able to stand on your feet in a day. It will cause you trouble at first. You may need crutches, parallel bars, a crane, or a walker for a while to get up.

Generally, one can expect a huge improvement in movement and less pain will be there. Try to exercise your knee on a regular basis, it will prevent swelling and strengthen your muscles.

One should take help from a physical therapist to go through a sequence of exercises that will strengthen your repaired knee. The duration of the physical therapy depends upon your condition and the rate of your recovery.


You are likely to stay in the hospital for a period of about 1 to 3 days after the surgery. Sometimes, it can take a much longer time. When you get discharged from the hospital, it depends mainly on your condition, the physical therapy you need, health before surgery, progress rate, age, and medical issues.

I hope this blog will help you to decide whether a hospital stay is suitable for you or not. The rest depends upon what the doctors will suggest to you.