What is the fastest way to recover from a hip replacement?

What is the fastest way to recover from a hip replacement?

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is the best solution for people when their hip got damaged or injured. Doctors usually suggest for hip replacement to let the patient come out of the pain, ache, and stiffness. The hip plays a crucial role while doing activities such as running, walking, dancing, jumping, sitting etc. Any injury in the hip can affect the quality of life and make the situation worsened. You cannot even enjoy the basic activities of daily life and thus it is better to go for surgery in case you come across any injury in your hip.

Although doctors suggest hip replacement surgery in most cases, yet deep inside people worry about the hurt they will be going to face after the surgery. But this is a common thing after all surgeries. You can prepare yourself for the discomfort that can happen in the future but apart from this, you can also prepare to recover from it rapidly.

Walk slowly – the best way to recover from a hip replacement

There are many ways by which you can recover from the hip replacement surgery very soon. The first day after the surgery, you will feel uncomfortable but the next day, you will start walking. All you need to remember is not to walk too fast. Just get up, move slowly and do not push yourself beyond the level you cannot handle. Getting up and keep trying to walk is the best way to recover from hip replacement surgery. Regular exercise for 15 to 20 minutes will keep you active and feel relaxed. Do not consider it as a regular habit because the situation will be different this time. You can start from a normal exercise such as getting up from the bed yourself and move in the hall. It will be enough for the starting days. After one week, you can go for some other exercises.

Moving around in the hall will not only speed up your recovery but also increase the blood in your legs and feet. There might occur chances of blood clotting in legs and feet but having a hallway daily will reduce the chances and risk of blood clots.

Use assisting devices

Moreover, after some days, you can make your way to the refrigerator, bathroom, kitchen, and even climbing the stairs. Patients require this for 3 to 4 weeks and sometimes only 2 to 3 weeks if done carefully. Try to use a walker or crutches so that you might not fall again and get hurt. These assistive devices will not only help you to walk better but will also maintain the balance of your body.

Physical therapy

Taking preventive measures after the surgery is the fastest way to recover from a hip replacement. It reduces the chances of any infection and prevents you from complications that may arise after the surgery. Besides this people also go for physical therapy with the help of an expert physical therapist. Few sessions given by an expert in which you are instructed how to exercise on a daily basis will surely let you start walking in a few days only. But if you do not want to hire any physical therapist, do not worry about it. Just walk and keep yourself active. Physical therapy can be helpful for some patients but if you are thinking about the overuse of the hip during these sessions, keep it aside and exercise yourself.