Can you regrow cartilage in your knee?

Can you regrow cartilage in your knee?

Cartilage is a crucial part of our body. Though it is very strong yet flexible. Bones move against each other only with the help of cartilage and that also without any damage or injury. But many times, to protect the bones, cartilage got damaged itself and it becomes a very typical situation for an adult one to cope up with it when it is a knee cartilage injury. This is because once we are adults, the cartilage cannot grow itself. The main reason behind it includes the absence of blood vessels. As it does not contain any blood vessels so oxygenated red blood cells cannot reach the damaged tissue and thus it cannot heal itself.

However, one can fix it with the help of doctors and surgeons. As knee cartilage acts as a shock absorber, pressure absorber, stop bones to hit against each other while walking, jumping, running, etc., Once it gets hurt, there occurs a situation of pain and inability to move. In general terms, this cartilage or tendon acts as a cushion between the bones, and thus people with injured cartilage experience stiffness, redness, swelling, and high pain.

Way to recover from broken cartilage

Now the question arises what to do when knee cartilage gets damaged? Since it cannot regrow itself, people usually go for knee replacement surgery. It is the most common option that football players or tennis players go most of the time. Apart from surgery, you can also go for cell therapy that could help you in cartilage regeneration. This can help you to avoid risky and lengthy surgeries. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of the kinds of therapy doctors give to regrow knee cartilage.

Additionally, bone marrow-derived stem cell injections and amniotic derived stem cell injections also show a promising result. Doctors sported out platelets and inject the liquid into the patient’s painful joint. This helps the patient to recover from the damaged cartilage.

Techniques used by doctors to regrow knee cartilage

Due to the inability of the knee cartilage to heal itself, doctors have developed various methods to help the patient out. There are several techniques which they use to repair, regenerate, or replace the broken tendon. Surgeons make the use of small tools to remove the damaged cartilage and smooth the remaining surface. This reduces knee pain, restore the functioning of the knee, and slow down the future cartilage degeneration. There is another option by which doctors treat the patient with broken knee cartilage. What they usually do includes the removal of loose pieces of cartilage and flushes the joint with the lavage. Sometimes, new cartilage growth is encouraged by making small cuts in the bone underneath the injured cartilage. It is essential to complete it because it let the blood move out and facilitate new cartilage cell growth.

Final words

So it is clear that injured cartilage cannot heal itself. It requires doctors and surgeons to use their techniques and heal the injury. There are three common types of techniques that use bleeding to recover from this situation. It includes clearing away the damaged cartilage completely know as the knee microfracture technique, making cuts or holes in the bones known as the knee drilling technique and roughen the affected bone’s surface termed as knee abrasion arthroplasty technique. These are the regeneration techniques that can help the patient to get rid of the knee injury if he does not want to go for typical surgery.