What is the best age to have a knee replacement?

What is the best age to have a knee replacement?

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty. This is an important consideration that could have a complicated effect on your health, so you always look for the best surgeon to get this surgery done.

Doctors suggest the surgery only if you are at risk and surgery is the only option. If you are having persistent chronic pain in knee and the non-surgical treatments are no longer worth, this could lead you to opt for a total knee replacement surgery.

Is Knee Surgery Associated with Age?

Many people tend to think that they are too young or too old or otherwise unable to get a knee prosthesis. They do not choose this option and avoid consulting with the doctors. Some too quickly assume that total knee replacement surgery is the right option for them. It is more about the patient’s condition.

Here are a few things one must keep in mind before opting for this life-changing decision:

It shouldn’t be the first option of treatment: Although you might be suffering from significant pain in the knee,  most doctors would first recommend the treatments that are non-surgical before finally recommending for knee replacement.

This non-surgical line of treatment includes:

  • physiotherapy
  • exercise
  • medication
  • cortisone
  • injection
  • weight loss

One must opt for these non-surgical lines of treatment as suggested by the doctor before finally deciding for a total knee replacement surgery. The surgery is generally not recommended for the people aging younger than 50: While the recommendation for knee replacement surgery depends on the patient’s condition and signs like pain and immobility. Most of the patients go through the surgery are between the age of 50-80.

Why at this age?

Replacement surgeries are not as effective as your own knee and therefore wear out. As per the average, best age to have a knee replacement  surgery lasts around 18-20 years. So if someone opts for the surgery in their 40s they might need another surgery or revision later years of life.

What is the worst thing about having another surgery is that second surgery is much difficult than the first. Even though, the second surgery is also done to achieve the same goal as the first to relieve pain and improvement of functioning.

Having a revision surgery is a long and more complicated process that needs mass planning, unique implants and tools, long operation times, and the precision of difficult surgical techniques to get the desired results.

You will be old and less flexible when there is a need for a second surgery. So it is easy to understand why knee replacement is not generally suggested for patients of younger ages.

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