How should I sleep after hip surgery?

How should I sleep after hip surgery?

Sleeping posture is also important to know after a hip replacement surgery. The Orthopedic doctor will suggest to you about the sleeping posters as well. But apart from the fact that he is suggesting to you how to sleep being an individual, you must know how you can sleep after hip replacement surgery.

Multiple posters are there, which you can consider whenever you are sleeping. But when you sleep after hip surgery, it is quite important to know for you.

Sleeping postures after hip replacement surgery:

  • Mattress:

Primarily, it is a must for you to choose a mattress that is firm. Whether you will be going to sleep on a bed or whether you will be going to sleep on the mattress, try to make that area comfortable as much as it can be. It must be firm. It will not be firmed, then it will become difficult for you to change the positions and to give sleeping time, you might face some unnecessary problems as well.

  • Use of pillow:

Use of a pillow is also a must for you to know after the hip replacement surgery. Approach the Hip Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur, he will suggest you put a pillow in between your needs. The reason being putting the pillow in between the knees is to avoid crossing your surgical leg across the middle of the body. If the same is happening, then there might be a chance some shift may take place, and it will create a necessary pain for you. Moreover, the wound is quite delicate this time, and you need to take every particular precaution.

  • Changing positions:

Do not be in a single position for a longer duration. Whenever you are feeling uncomfortable at a particular position, try to change it. You can shift towards another side of your body, or you can easily tilt yourself. But if you are not feeling comfortable with sleeping posture change frequently. It will not put a lot of stress on the joint, and it will help you to get recovery easily.

  • Sleep on the stomach:

Usually, people have a thought that if they sleep on the stomach, they will feel more comfortable. It is a suggestion does not go for it at all. If you are sleeping on your stomach, it will not let your body to be comfortable. There might be a chance that all the pressure will come upon a joint, and it will cause pain to you.

  • Pillow under knees:

If you feel like you can place a pillow under your knees and you can sleep comfortably, then also you just have a thought about it. Do not put a pillow under your knees because it will make you restless, and the joint of the hip may get affected. It will not only that you feel constant pain, but it will also let your whole body pain.

These are the basic sleeping posters which you can consider after the hip replacement surgery. In case you are facing any trouble while you are sleeping, approach to the joint replacement surgeon in Jaipur immediately. They will look at the problem and will also suggest the measure which you can adapt.